Gang Packages

Fully operational gang with hire & fire menus, salary menus and much more.

Ability for you and your gang members to use Cayo Perico and fight for territory. 

Ability to call in supply drops in Cayo Perico. Access to three different types of Drugs including Meth, Weed and Coke. 

Access to a gang armoury where you can buy and sell weapons. 

Access to a gang car when required. Access to our Graffiti Wars feature. Exclusive Access to the TLBRP Credits System

Tier 1

75.00GBP 45.00 GBP
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Tier 2

125.00GBP 75.00 GBP
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Tier 3

185.00GBP 111.00 GBP
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Tier 4

250.00GBP 150.00 GBP
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Gang Block

150.00GBP 90.00 GBP
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